November 3, 2020

What makes Elk Studio so popular?

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Elk Studios is one of the youngest players in the league of games providers, having only been set up in 2013. The Swedish e-gaming software provider focuses on creating a limited range of exceptionally high-quality slot games that are specifically intended to be used on mobile devices and mobile casinos.

What makes Elk Studio so popular?

Groundbreaking Moment in 2020

During the ICE London 2020, EIK Studio ran an industry slot contest in which the first prize winner will engage in a unique game unveiling later this year. Swedish operator Svenska Spel Sport & Casino finished at the top of the scoreboard. Their upcoming Nitropolis game will be released on the 3rd of November.

”We always like to try out ELK Studios' new games when it’s time for operator competitions. It was extra sweet to win during ICE when the first prize was an exclusive game launch. Now we look forward to offering Nitropolis to our players exclusively for two weeks!”

Stefan Molin – Manager Online casino at Svenska Spel Sport & Casino AB

”The engagement is usually high when we run our slot operator competitions in ELK Compete. But during ICE when first place was an exclusive launch, the numbers went through the roof. Well played Svenska Spel! We hope that your players will enjoy what we believe will be our biggest release this year!”

Martin Lerby – Chief Sales Officer at ELK Studios

Casino Games & Stunning Visuals

While so many software developing firms concentrate solely on disseminating vast numbers of games, Elk Studios has chosen to take it simple on the number and build games that will accurately portray the interest of casino players around the world. With their stunning visuals and animations and innovative mathematical frameworks that make some impressive gameplay mechanics, the Swedish creators have undoubtedly succeeded to do it as well.

Elk Studios have acquired the privilege of providing you with first-time mobile service through hundreds of approved operators and affiliates throughout the globe.

EIK Studio Online Casino Ideology

ELK has vigorously pushed the limits of the online casino market in an attempt to impress and optimize players' gameplay experience.

The concept is the key

They are always producing game ideologies ready to be turned into concepts. Their experience is that the best game ideas should have a powerful game model and an inspirational narrative that blends well together.

Gorgeous piece of art

They love the crisp art and design. From the designated sound, swirling animations, and incredible graphics, their in-house studio leaves no room for loopholes to produce a high-end professional product.

Strong mathematical model

The mathematical structure is where they gradually established. They work with statistical modeling, cloud computing, and big data to create, enhance, and validate their products. 

Exclusive Features of The EIK Studio Games - Betting Strategy

Elk has developed an innovative tool called Betting Strategies. This enables the software to generate a predetermined betting strategy for gamers that can dynamically adjust bet levels based on a collection of predefined guidelines. You should, nevertheless, turn it off if you want to play without it.

An even more special aspect of Elk Studio is the "Play On" feature, which would be triggered if the gamer has placed 25 bets and offers the gamer the chance to earn free spins. It's a kind of loyalty scheme, not only would it promote consumer satisfaction, but it also creates an additional degree of exhilaration.

The 4 Betting Strategy of EIK Studio Games

Jumper - Raises on Win

Significantly raise the bet rate by one at each winning round till you hit four levels over your base bet. The bet rate is going to be reset to base bet upon a losing round. Refresh after every loss.

Optimizer - Bets a % of the balance

Changes your bet amount automatically while you synchronize with your balance. The Optimizer moves the bet up and down to the nearest bet level below the chosen percentage.

Booster - Raises on loss

Boost the bet level by one after every other losing round until you hit four levels above your base bet. The bet level is reset to the base bet after the winning round. Resets after winning the game.

Leveller - Raises after 5 consecutive losses

Raises the bet two levels after five losses in a row. Resets after a win.

EIK Studio Games you should play:

  • Visitors
  • The Grand Galore
  • Diabola Reel
  • Dream Zone
  • Black River Gold
  • Blood Lust
  • Crusader
  • Micro Knights
  • Hit It Hard
  • Cygnus

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