Best Bingo Online Casino in 2023

Played around the world and beloved as the most popular betting game in some countries, bingo has come a very long way from its humble origins. Between high-tech bingo halls and fully-interactive online bingo sites, playing the game is completely different now than it was even 10 years ago. It has shaken off an image of being exclusively an ‘old-person’ game and emerged as something universally popular.

So how exactly is one of the most popular gambling games in the world played? Here’s everything needed to get started in online bingo.

Best Bingo Online Casino in 2023

Best Bingo Casinos

When looking for the best online bingo sites to play on, the biggest things to look for are a variety of game versions and extras like bonuses and offers. Game versions will be discussed below in more detail, while bonuses and offers include things like free cards, free game rooms and multipliers on the first win of the day. Check the full list of trusted online bingo sites on OnlineCasinoRank.


Bingo Rules

One of the most popular aspects of bingo has always been its simplicity, with very few rules to learn and an intuitive system that’s friendly to beginners. In fact, it is rated among the simplest gambling games out there to play.

The game starts with players getting one or more bingo cards, with traditional bingo halls using pen and paper and more advanced or online bingo games using digital cards instead. Each card is entirely randomized, and the range of numbers being played can vary from provider to provider, but the standard number would be between 90 and 99.

The bingo caller, whether it’s a human or a machine, will draw one number at a time, and players will mark it off on any of their cards where it appears. Depending on the specific provider, there are numerous combinations that can be used to get a prize:

  • Single-line: On a standard 5x5 card, this would be crossing off any line of five numbers, whether that’s horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
  • Two lines: Both lines must be on the same card but it doesn’t need to be on the same card as the single-line win.
  • Four corners: Crossing off all four corner numbers on the card.
  • Full house: Crossing off every number on a single card. These are usually the highest-value wins available and may carry jackpots with them.
Learn How To Play Bingo Online

Bingo Variations

While bingo itself is a fairly universal game, with slightly different versions having different card sizes or number ranges, there are a couple of variations of bingo games online with more significant changes.


The name Slingo comes from the combination of slots and bingo, and it takes parts of each.

  • From bingo, it takes the number grid plus the variety of winning lines or a full house.
  • From slots, it gets the spinning reels, bonus rounds and general play mechanics.

There are many themed varieties, although each follows the same general structure as the rest.


Keno is not so much a variation of bingo, but rather a separate game along the same lines.

  • Numbers are drawn all at once, and the player must bet on how many of the numbers hit, from 1 to 20.
  • Landing all 20 in a single round has some of the most remote odds in the world of gambling.
How Many Online Bingo Types Are In Online Casinos

Play Bingo for Real Money

Finding real money bingo is quite a simple thing to do, as there are both dedicated bingo sites and casino sites with bingo features to choose from. Many of the major providers have all the slots and table games of a casino, but are also able to offer multiple versions of their own bingo rooms. Playing will always require being signed up with the game provider, making a deposit, and having enough funds in the account. Depending on the exact provider, each card may be at a fixed cost or may be adjustable, especially in online bingo.

What Are Online Bingo Odds

Bingo Strategies

Bingo is, beyond anything, close to being a lottery, given that numbers on the cards are chosen at random and so are the numbers that are drawn. That means that there is no legitimate strategy for winning at bingo. But, we have a good article about online bingo tips here on CasinoRank.

How To Win More at Bingo

Play Bingo for Free

Thanks to bingo being so simple and so universal, it has a much wider appeal for people, and that means there are plenty of places to play free online bingo just for fun. There are both online versions, usually at the same sites as the paid versions, and versions that can be printed off and played. With the free versions, players usually get a number of credits to use. If these ever run out, then the game page can just be refreshed and the credits will be topped back up to full.


Play Bingo with a Casino Bonus

While it’s difficult to apply bonuses to bingo thanks to how the game is made, many sites offer free games as welcome or regular bingo bonuses for their players. With online bingo, there is a wider range of bonuses available thanks to the options opened up by technology. These could include cashback options, discounted play for the first 5 or 10 cards, or access to special bingo rooms.


Bingo Wordlist

Caller - The person who draws and calls out the ball numbers. For online and electronic bingo, these are sometimes replaced by screens instead of a live host.

Four Corners - A winning combination which just covers the four numbers in the corner of the card.

Full House - Completing a full card and clearing all numbers

Everything About Online Bingo Cards And Calls

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Bingo is one of the most famous games played worldwide, and to play bingo, cards are used. Online bingo can use online bingo cards, and players can also generate their own bingo cards with a free bingo card generator. Using virtual bingo cards is not complicated at all, as players will find guidelines as they generate the card.

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Surprisingly, there isn’t just one online bingo. There are different types of bingo players who can enjoy playing. In this guide, we will discuss all the bingo types players can play at, so let’s get started right away.

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Online bingo is an extremely famous online casino game, so players should know about some bingo tips before they start playing. There are players who are aware of online bingo tips and tricks, but they fail to implement them as they might not realize it.

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There are several things players need to keep in mind in order to play Bingo. The most important thing of all is to choose the card carefully, as it will increase players' chances of winning. But how will that be possible? The answer is simple. Players need to understand the rules.

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Bingo is a game with fixed odds, meaning every bingo card that is purchased by a player has an equal chance of winning. To be more precise, if a player buys 20 bingo cards, all 20 of them have the same odds.

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Cassava's new partnership

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Everything you need to know about casinos

Does bingo have an RTP value?

Unlike casino games or slot games, there’s no universal RTP for a bingo game as it is heavily affected by the individual game provider. Apart from the number values changing, the cost per card compared to the prizes on offer are entirely under the control of those running the game, so RTP is impossible to determine.

How much can you win in bingo?

Different providers will set different prize pools and jackpots, so it’s not possible to give a set answer. Smaller bingo providers may give prizes in the low hundreds, while the biggest may offer jackpots that may reach six figures.

What makes bingo a popular game?

Bingo has endured for so long for two main reasons. One, it is incredibly simple to learn and doesn’t need any strategizing behind it. Two, it is a big social event and often generates its own community around it.

Where was bingo invented?

The origins of bingo are a bit murky. Officially, the game as it’s played today is an American creation, but versions that are very similar can be traced to Europe and even Ancient China. In that case, it’s hundreds of years old at the very least.

What is the biggest ever bingo win?

The highest recorded win is that of a British man winning close to £6 million on a single card that he bought for 0.30. It’s rare but there have been a number of bingo winners who reached over £1 million for their wins.

What are the most common numbers drawn in bingo?

Official bingo games are carefully controlled so that every ball, or every number in online versions, has an equal chance of being drawn. That means that, over the billions of draws that have been made, no number is ever the most common.

How much does a bingo card cost to buy?

Every provider sets their own prices for cards, and generally the price increases as the size of the price increases. A game with a 5,000 grand prize could cost 0.50, while a game with a 50,000 grand prize could cost 5 per card.

How many bingo cards can you play at the same time?

It depends on the provider, but most real-life bingo halls don’t generally have limits on the number of cards bought for a single round. In online bingo, generally, you only play one at a time.

What is a winning strategy for bingo?

Bingo is best thought of as more of a lottery than a game as it doesn’t employ any skill. That means that there are no real strategies that can be used.

What is the range of numbers in bingo?

This depends on whoever is running it, as it can range from 40 or 50 at the low end up to 99 at the highest end. As a note, the size of the range affects the speed of each round, as the more numbers there are that can be drawn, the longer it takes for a player to get a win.

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