January 16, 2020

What is Volatility?

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Volatility, colloquially known as dispersion as regards a casino, is the risk involved in playing a particular game. When it comes to online slots, volatility refers to the payout frequency and the amount that players expect to win after betting on a specific slot. Medium-sized volatility is the compromise between high and low volatility. A slot with high volatility will reward players with higher amounts, but the payouts are not regular. On the other hand, a slot with low volatility will pay players with small or mid-sized amounts more frequently. High volatility slots are for big risk-takers and are riskier than low volatility slots.

What is Volatility?

High Volatility Slots

High volatility slots are those with significant differences between the maximum and minimum win amounts. As mentioned, they are the riskiest. However, the ability of the high volatility slots to dispense more substantial winnings, thrills fans and are popular among experienced online casino players or a ny other gambler who wants to win big.

When to Play High Volatility Slots

When a player is a “win big or lose it all” type of person When a player is patient enough to wait for extended periods to strike it big When a player has more than enough money and is willing to try their luck on jackpots and medium to high-sized prizes Low Volatility Slots Low volatility slots are popular among inexperienced players and casual gamers who are betting just for fun or want to slowly build their craft in this field. All millionaire jackpots and any winnings that are hundreds of times the initial bet are considered a high volatility slot.

When to Play Low Volatility Slots

Playing for fun or entertainment When a player wants to gamble with little money over a long period When a player does not want to risk it all For casual and new players who want to master the art of online gambling When a player wants to win money frequently

How to Determine Volatility

Determining volatility is no easy task because no casino dishes out this information. But it is much easier to ascertain how volatile a slot is after spending time on it. Bettors can then tell if they win small amounts frequently or wait for ages till they can strike jackpots. Ultimately, the first thing to look at when determining volatility is the slot’s paytable. For jackpots and medium-sized prizes, the pay is less frequent and highly volatile. Given that volatility is learned through play, bettors should play for free before risking their real money. Finding platforms that support free games without real money is easy.

What is the Difference Between High and Low Volatility?

Learn the meaning of volatility when it comes to online casino games and the major diff erences between high volatility, medium volatility, and low volatility.

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