Top Tips to Help You Win at Keno



Keno is among the most interesting games that you can play in a casino. The game has a rich history as it was played for thousands of years before making it to the casino floors. The game is also available in almost all the leading online casinos. Contrary to what many believe, keno is not based entirely on luck alone. There are numerous strategies that players can use to increase their chances of winning. Understanding how the game works forms the basis for winning. Below are a few tips that any player can use to improve winning chances.

Top Tips to Help You Win at Keno

Understanding the Odds

The odds chart makes it clear that the middle spot games, which are the four, five, and six spots, provide the best winning odds for any prize. The higher spots in online keno might seem a bit more attractive to players because they offer better prices, but their winning chances are lower. Because all the wagers are all of the same cost, a player can manage expectations easily by playing within a small range of spots. The strategy should be based on a reasonable risk to reward ratio that offers a reasonable price. The lower the risk, the less likely a player will go broke.

Using Bonus Offers

Another thing that most Keno players usually fail to utilize is the bonus offers awarded by online casinos. A player should start by choosing a casino that offers the best bonus offers, based on such aspects as amount and terms of the offer. Taking advantage of bonus offers reduces risks. Additionally, a player should consider the payouts offered by the casino for the game. Different game variations offer different payouts for the same odds, affecting the amount of money that a player can win. That means that a player should also consider the casino he chooses based on keno varieties that the casino offers.

Choosing Consecutive Numbers

Many players usually have a problem deciding which numbers to choose when playing online Keno. A good tip is always to choose consecutive numbers. Choosing successive numbers does not guarantee a win because the numbers drawn are usually random, but statistics indicate that playing consecutive numbers gives a player higher winning chances. A player can bet on hot or cold numbers. Hot numbers are the most drawn numbers, while cold numbers are the opposite. While this strategy doesn't have a mathematical backing, it advises that players bet on hot numbers. Betting on cold numbers is informed by the fact that the possibility of having consecutive hot numbers keeps reducing.

A Beginner's Guide to Playing Online Keno Games: Top Tips

Keno is a game of strategy and chance. This article shares some widely-accepted tips that have helped players get better while playing keno.

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