March 23, 2021

How Casinos Trick Players to Spend More Money

Emily Tremblay
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It has probably happened to you. You visit your favorite casino for a game or two. Hours later, you don’t know what has happened to your money. But how do casinos convince players into spending their hard-earned money? The simple answer is that everything in a casino is designed to manipulate your decisions in their favor. So, keep reading to see some tricky but straightforward ways your favorite casino coerces you into spending more.

How Casinos Trick Players to Spend More Money

Trick #1. There is no clock around

In any casino setting, the chances are that you’ll never see a clock in sight. That’s because the casino operator wants you to mismanage your time. Without a timer, you won’t know the number of hours you’ve played. Therefore, you’ll just keep on enjoying yourself and trying your luck. Fortunately, you can set a timer on your phone or watch to keep track of your game time.

Trick #2. They offer loyalty rewards

Most casinos will pretend to cushion you from losses by offering loyalty programs. For example, you may enroll in a cashback program that sees you earn points for every lost bet. If you collect enough points, you may be eligible for a free meal. But always bring your calculator with you because you may lose $500 to earn a point-total of $50.

Trick #3. Bonus and free spins

Apart from cashback, casinos, more so gambling sites, run attractive promos on other game variants. If you’re a poker player, you may grab a bonus for merely getting hands at the table. You can win a reward for hitting a straight flush or four of a kind. Still on poker, some rooms will grant you a free tournament entry for playing a certain amount of hours in a week or a month. However, remember that the more you play, the more the casino wins.

Trick #4. Big progressive jackpot adverts

Nothing can make the heart of an avid bettor beat with excitement like a big progressive jackpot. The casino will advertise slot machine jackpots offering millions of dollars. But here is the trick; the casino understands that if they convince you to take a spin, the chances are that you’ll spin until your bankroll depletes. Before you realize it, you’ve lost $200 chasing an allusive jackpot.

Trick #5. Win a car video slots

For some reason, players can’t resist a chance to scoop a brand new car. But as expected, the car is tied into playing a specific casino game. They’ll craft a beautiful story to convince you that winning the car is possible if you bet so many times and earning entry points. Sadly, the chances of featuring in the final draw are very slim, considering that millions of players participate in the same tournament.

Trick #6. Play with chips rather than real money

This one is prevalent if you’re playing blackjack or Texas Hold’em on your favorite land-based casino. You’ll get some colorful discs that represent actual money. Why? It’s a lot easier to go full-throttle with chips than real money. Also, chip losses don’t sting that much. Additionally, most casinos allow players to fund a card used for playing digital games. Overall, they ensure you don’t see real money when gambling.


Casinos are masters at tricking you into spending loads of cash. But now that you know some of their tricks, you can always stay a step ahead with your bankroll. It’s effortless to have loss limits, win limits, and time limits if you plan your gameplay appropriately. In conclusion, play should be on your terms and not theirs.

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