November 8, 2021

Online Slots Terminologies and Slangs

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Online slots are undoubtedly the most widely played games at any given online casino. Apart from offering captivating gameplay full of high-paying features, these games are also responsible for the biggest jackpots in the iGaming industry. And that's not to mention that most online casino bonuses are tied to slot machines.

Online Slots Terminologies and Slangs

But for beginners on these machines, struggling to understand some common terminologies is a must. So, to avoid getting into some embarrassing situations, read this guidepost to know some common online slots terminologies.

A Brief History of Online Slots

First of all, a slot machine is a classic casino game where players spin the reels and wait for the outcome. The reels usually have symbols that land randomly after placing a wager and spinning the reels.

That said, these machines have been around dating back to the 19th century. Back then, they used gears and springs to produce results after spinning the reels.

However, modern computerized slot machines came to the fore to make things easier. Instead of using springs and gears to generate results, these machines use RNG (Random Number Generator) software.

The RNG generates millions or even billions of results per second. Now, this eliminates any possibilities of cheating at the best online casinos.

Slots Glossary of Terminologies

If you're serious about playing these games, there are hundreds or even thousands of slot machine terms to master. However, this page will only list some of the most common ones. They include:

3/5-reel slots

Most online slots usually come with 3 reels or 5 reels, although some can have 7. Either way, it refers to the spinning vertical columns with symbols. Typically, classic slots only have 3 reels.


A payline refers to the line cutting across the reels where symbols appear to form a winning combination. Some games require players to create a winning combo from left to right or vice versa. However, others can have vertical and diagonal paylines.


As the name hints, AutoPlay is a slot feature that allows gamers to preset the game to spin the reels several times automatically. This makes works a lot easier if you're planning to play for extended periods.

Free Spins

You don't require a tutor to tell you what free spins are. Free spins refer to bonus spin rounds a player gets on a slot machine after matching certain symbols.


A multiplier is the number of times a machine multiplies an initial stake. For instance, landing a particular symbol can multiply your original bet 2x.


This is arguably the greatest innovation in the online slots world. Developed by BTG (Big Time Gaming) in 2017, this mechanic offers players millions of winning ways on the payline.


RTP (return to player) is the maximum return a player can expect from a single bet round. For example, a game can offer 95% RTP. Here, the maximum a player can expect to win from a 100-coin bet is 95 coins.


Slot variance or volatility is the payout frequency. A low variance machine pays out more frequently, although low amounts. The reverse can be said about high variance slots.


A scatter is a slot symbol that triggers a bonus spin round. Usually, landing a specific number of scatters activates a free spin round (s).


A wild is a slot symbol that substitutes other standard symbols on the payline except the scatter. As a result, players get more opportunities to create a winning combination.


There you go; these are the most common online slots terms to master. But as said initially, the words are many that listing all of them on a single post is virtually impossible. So, continue playing and learn as you progress.

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