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Which Numbers Are Most Common in Online Casino Roulette?

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Online casino roulette is primarily a game of chance. As such, gamers can do practically nothing to tilt the roulette odds in their favor. But wait, are there really better numbers in roulette than others? Unfortunately, there's no conclusive answer to this question. That's because roulette wheels are designed to keep everything as fair as possible. Despite this, some digits have proven to be lucky numbers. Which are they? 

Which Numbers Are Most Common in Online Casino Roulette?

Understand the roulette table 

Are you a beginner with this classic table game? Start by understanding how the game works. It's simple; you place the chips on the mat, indicating each combination's odds before spinning the roulette wheel. Then, the tension will start building up as you wait for the ball to fall into a black or red pocket.

Most online casinos offer roulette on the American or European wheel. As expected, the main difference is in the layout, which ultimately affects the house edge. Whereas the American wheel has 38 pockets, the European variant has 37. That's because the former has an additional green 00 pocket.

This minor difference immensely impacts the roulette odds. In the American variant, you have a 1 in 38 chance of landing a lucky number compared to 1 in 37 on the European version. Hence, the American wheel has a higher house edge of 5.26% than 2.7% on the European version. That's a significant difference, considering the games are the same in most aspects.

What are the best numbers in roulette?

As said before, roulette outcomes are random. Therefore, no number is most likely to hit than the other. But seasoned players might beg to differ. After spending some time on the roulette wheel, most players realize that some numbers are simply luckier than others. That's why pro players bet persistently on these "hot" numbers to boost their winning odds.

That said, history proves that 17 hit the most on a roulette wheel, although the jury is still out. That's probably because this number sits strategically at the center of the gaming board. Former Newcastle boss, Mike Ashley, is famous for winning £1.3 million, thanks to the legend of 17. Scottish actor Sean Connery also struck the lucky 17 to win five straight bets at an Italian casino. 

23 and 24 are other lucky numbers that players are attracted to. Most gamers favor these numbers because they sit pretty close to each other on the table. Also, consider 3 since the legend says good tidings come in threes. But whichever decision you make, note that these numbers are only favorites based on myths and beliefs.

What about the color?

Is there the best color to bet on in roulette? All roulette wheels come with 18 red pockets and as many black pockets. This makes it a 50:50 chance of hitting either color in a bet. But the game's history has proved without any doubt that the red color hits more often than black or green. So again, smart players use facts instead of mere myths.

Speaking of facts, placing red or black bets is one of the most intelligent moves on a roulette table. That's because the chances of winning either bet on the American wheel are 47.4% and 48.6% on the European wheel. The same rates apply to other bets like low/high and even/odd. 

But even if you go with these outside bets, you still won't cover half the digits on the roulette table. Practically speaking, you have a 52.6% and 51.4% chance of losing in American and European wheels, respectively. In short, you'll end up losing more outside bets than you win.

Unlucky numbers in online casino roulette

You must now wonder which numbers to avoid like a plague on a roulette wheel. Although none is the factual answer, some numbers are simply "sucker" bets. For example, 13 is widely considered an unlucky number in Western culture, so many players give it a wide berth. 

In addition to 13, gamers are encouraged to avoid 34. The reason is that this number sits the farthest on the table, limiting any chances of hitting it. Zero and 6 are also considered unpopular among most roulette players. Interestingly, there is no tangible explanation for the unpopularity of these numbers. Just beliefs!


All in all, it's almost impossible to exploit any roulette wheel unless it has some imperfections. Most wheels are programmed to randomly select numbers, giving each digit an equal chance of winning. And even if you choose the popular outside bets, the chances of winning are still lower than losing.

But don't act like the proverbial ostrich and let the goodies pass you by. 17 and 7 have proved time and again to be auspicious numbers. So, it's all about finding a number that favors you most. Just don't bank on anything!

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