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Best 19 Punto Banco Online in 2020 🏆 Highest Paying Online Casinos

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The timeless game of Baccarat, in its punto banco variation, is an essential part of every classic casino line-up. Of French origin, it has become immensely popular, particularly in Asian environments. It's traditionally a game of high stakes, but lower minimum versions are available, more so online.

The players are invited to place their bets on either the punto or the banco side. The dealer draws two sets of cards, one for each punto and banco. He then adds the cards of each set, and the resulting total's right-most digit closest to nine wins the hand.

The game of Baccarat, in its punto banco version, has no definable strategy to it. Although players are to be found tracking the outcome of previous hands, that data is irrelevant, since each hand is clearly independent. On average, the banco wins slightly more often than the punto.

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How to Play Punto Banco

Punto Banco can be played on a large or a small table. The large table format can accommodate up to 12 players. The smaller version, however, has a unique dealer for each player. In most cases, online Punto Banco is played on a small table, and the computer handles all tasks. The first step for any new player is to understand the card values. An ace is assigned one point, and all numbered cards except 10 (Tens) assume their face values. Thus, tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings have a zero value. The game is mostly played with eight decks of cards excluding the jokers.

The gameplay is initiated when the players place their bets. Ideally, this should be before the first cards are dealt. Like spinning a die, the chances of winning in Punto Banco are purely random. After turning the first cards, the winner is declared when either the bank or the player has a card value of eight or nine. This state is known as a "natural hand." In case the player is not lucky enough to get a "natural hand" in the first round, they are allowed to request for more cards or "a hit." A player only qualifies for "a hit" when the value of their cards is between zero and five.

Punto Banco Rules

The rules are meant to regulate gameplay. After the first two hands have been dealt, what happens next depends on the value of the first hand. In case neither the player nor the banker manages to get a natural hand, the following scenarios result.

  1. If the player's hand is valued at six or seven, the hand should stand, and no extra cards are dealt.
  2. When the player's hand has a value of five or less, a third hand is dealt.
  3. If a player is dealt a third hand, the banker is allowed to act depending on the value of their first two cards as shown below.
  • Two or less, the dealer always hits.
  • A score of three, the dealer stands against an eight or hits when the value of the player's hand was an eight.
  • A score of four, dealer hits unless the player's third card was 0, 1, 8 or 9.
  • A score of five, the dealer hits on four through to seven or otherwise stands.
  • A score of six, dealer hits if the player's third card was a six or a seven or otherwise stands.
  • A seven, dealer stands and does not hit.

When both the player and banker have been dealt their third card, the outcome of the game is announced based on the value of each card.

Punto Banco Basic Strategy

Punto Banco players have an equal chance of winning, irrespective of how long they have been in the game. For starters, the first step is to understand the rules. From there, the players can coin their own strategy to improve their chances of winning. Based on the object of the game, a score that is as close as possible to nine, here are some strategies players can employ to improve their chances of winning:

  • Bet on the banker or the player: Players are always advised to avoid tie bets. Instead, they should concentrate on betting on either the banker or the player since the odds of winning will always favor the two.
  • Spot a pattern: Players are advised to concentrate and pick a pattern as to how their opponent plays. Spotting the dealer's playing pattern, for instance, improves the chances of combatting his or her strategy appropriately.
  • Bet on the hand which previously won. There are no winning or losing hands in Punto Banco. But since streaks are common, players can improve their chances of winning by betting on a hand that won the previous round.
  • Use event chances: Try and bet on a 1-2-3-4 series, where the bet starts with one unit, and it is progressively increased with the factors in this series. Losing a bet means reverting to the first unit.

Free Online Punto Banco

As much as most punters love real money games, many enjoy playing Punto Banco for free. In light of this, a good number of online casinos offer Punto Banco in free play, meaning that online punters can gracefully learn and enjoy the game without losing any money.

Thanks to the free play mode, some casinos give first-time Punto Banco players a chance to understand the game before they start playing for money. Seasoned bettors, on the other hand, can try and practice a few strategies. It is therefore evident that the availability of this game in free-play mode is suitable for everyone.

Punto Banco with Real Money

The chance to make money from casino games is a crucial incentive for most punters, and they love it. Making money by playing Punto Banco can be easy, but it is essential to understand that winning and losing is part of the fun. Punto Banco players, thus, are advised to gamble responsibly.

Gambling responsibly plays an essential role in helping players enjoy every moment played in an online casino. Responsible gambling is all about knowing when to gamble, the amounts to wager, and most importantly when the player needs to walk away. Other gaming tips such as having a budget and not playing while under the influence are essential.

History of Punto Banco

Punto Banco's history was not well known, especially to English-speaking punters, until 1959 when it was introduced in Las Vegas. This game was first played in Argentina in the 1950s. The early version of the game in Los Angeles' casinos, however, was not particularly similar to the South American version.

The excitement in the gaming spheres saw the development of many variants such as the Mini Baccarat. The older version, on the other hand, has managed to stand the tests of time. Unlike in baccarat, where every hand is paid by a separate person, the banker in Punto Banker pays out both hands, that is the difference.


📌 What is Punto Banco online?

  • Punto Banco is a version of Baccarat that is particularly popular in western countries like the UK and the USA. It's a comparitive card game where players predict which hand will have the value closest to 10 once divided by 10. The online version leads to a faster game that's is accessibel to many players at the same time.

  • 📌 Is Punto Banco a game of luck?

  • This baccarat version is very much about luck as there are no external factors impacting the outcome of the game. That being said, mathematics can be used to predict the outcomes of each round as the game goes on.

  • 📌 Where is Punto Banco most popular?

  • Punto Banco is the most popular form od Baccarat that is played right across the world.

  • 📌 Is Punto Banco online rigged?

  • Punto Banco Online has the potential to be extremely rigged,so always check that the site you're using is licensed and popular among other players.

  • 📌 Which is the most popular Punto Banco online?

  • Given Punto Banco is a version of Baccarat, there is no most popular version of Punto Banco.

  • 📌 Why are there so many different Punto Banco versions offered online?

  • There are not so many different versions of Punto Banco, in fact Punto Banco is a version itself of Baccarat.

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