Best Strategies for Winning at Keno Online

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Keno is one of the most popular lottery games at online casinos, mainly due to its simple rules and incredible dynamics. And all that success makes many players try to unravel the mysteries behind the game.

A frequent question is about possible Keno strategies. This is a controversial subject, as Keno is a game based on luck. In the version we find in online casinos, the numbers are drawn by a random number generator, as in slot machines.

Still, there are different strategies for winning at Keno. Though unproven, they can be a way to have more fun in the game. As we'll see below, some of the best Keno strategies can also help protect your bankroll.

Best Strategies for Winning at Keno Online

Best Keno strategies when playing online

No Keno strategy will always work. The best strategy for Keno is the one that makes the experience more enjoyable. It's also beneficial for players to familiarize themselves with Keno rules to maximize their chances of winning.

Some players focus on superstitions when playing Keno online. Others prefer picking what offers the best payout rate. Below, we've listed some of the most popular options in both directions.

Hot or Cold numbers

Many gamblers like to bet on numbers that still haven't come up — or haven’t come often — in recent rounds. Those are called cold numbers. This is based on the view that those numbers must be drawn at some point.

Other players think otherwise. According to them, it is better to bet on hot numbers. That is, those that have appeared frequently — which supposedly means that they are likely to appear again.

Both strategies are based on superstition. The chances of any number being drawn are the same in each round. To make life easier for those following hot or cold numbers, many online games keep statistical tables to help with that kind of analysis.

Number sequences

There are also those who believe that the best strategy for Keno is to choose sequences of numbers. For example, players can mark sequences like 1-2-3, 10-12-13, 20-21-22, etc. on the same ticket. This would ensure that the numbers are well distributed and also that the player could hit a few consecutive numbers.

Picking 4 to 7 numbers

This is a more rational strategy and is based on the standard Keno payout, which varies depending on the number of hits. Keno online odds also vary according to how many numbers were selected. Therefore, it is possible to estimate that bets with 4 to 7 numbers tend to generate slightly higher returns in the long run.

Keeping a pattern

Whatever the player's strategy is, it's important to stick with it for some time. It makes no sense to bet on hot numbers for three rounds, then switch to cold numbers for a few more, then change it again. If there’s no consistency when applying the strategy, it certainly won’t work.

Progressive jackpots

There are many variations of Keno available. One of the advantages of those new versions is the extra features they offer. Progressive jackpots, for example, give players a chance to win an extra prize by matching a specific combination of numbers. In other games, there are bonuses for players who guess the first or the last number drawn.

Practicing for free

Whichever strategy players choose, it's worth trying it out first in a demo version of Keno. That way, it is possible to practice for free and understand if the strategy really works.

Nowadays, several casinos offer that alternative. That’s one of the advantages of playing Keno online. Also, some casinos offer no-deposit bonuses for new users. That allows players to save money on many games, including Keno.

Top Keno winning numbers

For those who like the strategy of betting on hot numbers, it makes sense to know which ones tend to come out the most. That would make those the best Keno numbers to play. However, data can vary greatly and depend on the different types of Keno online.

In the Keno Washington (USA) lottery, for example, the most frequent numbers are 75, 29, 53, 65, and 42 — in order from most to least drawn. In the New Zealand lottery, the hot ones are the numbers 27, 35, 65, 50, 12, 32, 40, 49, 3, and 31. When we talk about online Keno, a recent record indicates that the most frequent numbers are 1, 4, 23, 34, and 72.

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What is the best strategy for playing Keno online?

There isn’t anything like the best strategy when playing Keno online. What we have are different strategies that can please more or less every player. Some examples include betting on hot or cold numbers. Another common option is to always bet on the same numbers.

How to win a Keno game?

Keno is based on luck. So, there is no specific recipe that can be applied to guarantee winnings in this game. Still, many players like to apply specific strategies to try to get more hits and earn some money. Normally, those will be based on superstition. So, they should be seen as just one more element to make the game fun.

What are the best Keno numbers to play?

There are no such things as better or worse numbers to bet on online Keno. All numbers drawn in this game come from a random number generator (RNG). And even in the traditional version, found in physical casinos, all numbers have the same probability of being drawn every round.

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