Best Casino War Online Casino in 2023

Casino War is one of the most lucrative card games around, with growing popularity amongst online casinos. It is hard to find another casino game where the player has over 50% to win the dealer. Developed in the early 90s in Nevada by Bet Technology.

It took until the early 2000s and more precisely 2004 when Bet Technology was bought by Shuffle Master, for the game to become popular. One of the several casinos that offer Casino War is Evolve.

Best Casino War Online Casino in 2023
What is Casino War?

What is Casino War?

As mentioned above, Casino war is a card game. It is not only very profitable for the player; it is also easy to understand. It's advisable for players to avoid betting on an unknown game to limit financial losses, if they don't play for free. This suggestion is unnecessary with Casino War.

The player will need at most a few seconds to understand the principle of the game and to refine a "preliminary" strategy. Few card games at the casino, offline or online, are as easy to play as this one.

What is Casino War?
Casino War Rules

Casino War Rules

The rules of the game are so simple that even an infant will have no difficulty finding his way around. Classic cards are used, just like in poker, and the ranking of the cards is the same as in poker, i.e. Aces in the lead, followed by Kings, Queens, Jacks and the rest of the cards in numerical order.

At the beginning of the game, the player makes a bet, ante or tie:

  • Ante bet; the player bets that his card will be higher than the dealer's card.

  • Tie bet; the player bets that the dealer and the player will have cards of equal value.

The dealer then deals a card to the player and then puts a card in front of him or her. Then takes a card. The faces of the cards are hidden. Once each player has his card, all that is left to do is turn them over. The winner of the game is the player with the highest card value. This means that if the player gets, for example, an Ace and the dealer gets a King, the player wins the game.

Casino War Rules
How to Deal Casino War?

How to Deal Casino War?

The player is confronted with three scenarios during the game. In the first case, the player's card value is higher than the dealer's, and he wins the game. In the second case, the value of the dealer's card is higher than the value of the player's card and the casino wins the game. But there is a third option, a draw when the player and the dealer are playing cards of the same value.

For the player, two options are available:

He surrenders and having lost. He loses the bet he made at the start as if his card was of a lower value than the dealer's card.

He goes to war. Here, he will have to double his initial bet first. Before redistributing the cards, the dealer will first discard the next three cards and then deal the player one more card. In the Casino War game, the player will win if he gets a card of higher value than the dealer's card or if he gets a card of the same value as the dealer's card.

How to Deal Casino War?
How to Win at Casino War: Casino War Strategy

How to Win at Casino War: Casino War Strategy

Casino war tips are simple:

  • Any player who dreams of robbing the casino will have to choose another game. The winnings are very modest.
  • Players should limit themselves to small bets. The chances of winning are high, but the chances of losing are not gone.
  • The tie bet is to be avoided. The casino war odds with this option are 10:1, but the chances of winning are miserable.
  • The player should pay attention to only one card: Ace. As long as it hasn't been drawn, he can take risks.
How to Win at Casino War: Casino War Strategy
Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

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Gambling addictions can be hard to spot, so please make sure to always gamble responsibly.

Gambling Addiction


Everything you need to know about casinos

What is Casino War?

Casino War is an online casino card game.

When was it developed?

Casino War was developed in 1993 by Bet Technology, it was initially only available in four casinos in Nevada.

What is the house advantage in Casino War?

Typically, the house advantage for Casino War is upwards of 2%. However, the house advantage usually goes down in casinos offering a bonus payout and goes up depending on the number of decks in play.

Can you count cards in Casino War?

While it’s technically possible to count cards in Casino War, there is usually no point to it since the cards come from a six-deck shoe. The game is symmetrical, and both the player and the dealer have an equal chance of getting high cards.

Is there a strategy to Casino War?

Casino War is like any other casino game in that the casino has an edge over players. However, one recommended strategy is to Go to War instead of choosing Surrender if the player’s funds are sufficient.

How do you beat the Casino War?

There are several ways to increase one’s chances of winning at Casino War. A couple of examples are to avoid side bets and to decide a budget by setting the total bet for each Casino War game.

Can I play Casino War on my mobile phone?

Yes. There are Casino War app options available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Moreover, there are many mobile casinos such as Spinamba, FAFA191, and Slottica that include Casino War in their game catalogs.

Are aces high in Casino War?

Yes. Aces are usually the highest in War, though an ace can be beaten by a six in certain circumstances.

What casinos have Casino War?

There’s a wide selection of online, mobile, and live casinos where players can enjoy Casino War games. JVSpin, Slottica, Casino Winner, are just a few of the many options.

What are the odds for Casino War?

For the Ante bet, the odds are 1:1, while for the Tie bet, they are 10:1.

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