Top Birthday Bonuses 2023

The birthday bonus is one of the most popular online casino bonuses. A birthday bonus is given on a very special day each year, your birthday. You can find your birthday bonus at the best online casinos in the world.

Our team of experts here at CasinoRank is on a mission to rank and review the best casinos that offer birthday bonuses. You can kick back, relax and enjoy a free birthday reward on your very own day. We ensure that the listed birthday bonus online casinos on this page are safe and trustworthy and often come with other great benefits as you play at your favourite casino online.

Have a look at the list below and find the most lucrative casino birthday bonuses!

Top Birthday Bonuses 2023
What are Birthday Casino Bonuses?

What are Birthday Casino Bonuses?

Casino birthday bonuses are special promotions offered to casino players on their birthdays. These special gifts let you wager on your favourite games with much better terms than you'd normally have on offer.

Many casinos give special casino birthday bonus codes that unlock free spins or other gifts specially tailored for your birthday. The bonus code may be sent straight to your email as a special gift.

Casinos will look into some factors before offering a birthday bonus freebie. Some casinos may reward all their players on registered birthdays, while others will only reward loyal players or a frequent user. Once a player receives the birthday bonus, they can also check whether it was offered as a deposit or no deposit bonus. On a few rare occasions, you may get special no deposit bonus codes for your birthday.

What are Birthday Casino Bonuses?
How to Claim Birthday Bonuses at Online Casinos?

How to Claim Birthday Bonuses at Online Casinos?

Players can activate their online casino birthday bonuses to celebrate their birthdays. However, some casinos will surprise their players with a bonus on the date they indicated as their birthday when they signed up for a casino account.

Players should log in to their accounts to use the bonus. If the bonus was offered as a no deposit bonus, players should rightly bet on their favourite teams. But if the bonus came as a deposit bonus, the player should deposit a certain amount into their accounts by using some of the available payment methods.

Sometimes, players will receive exclusive casino birthday bonus codes that will unlock the promotion. If that's the case, bonus codes must be utilized when making the deposit, otherwise, it may not be possible to unlock the offer.

Upon logging in, the player will receive a notification that they have been awarded a casino birthday bonus. The period of validity will also be stated in the notification. Players can claim birthday promos by clicking on this notification or going to the bonuses tab, usually placed on either the header or the left-hand column of the chosen platform.

How to Claim Birthday Bonuses at Online Casinos?
Best Birthday Bonus

Best Birthday Bonus

There are several things to look for when trying to find the best birthday bonuses out there.

  1. First, since these promotions are only available once a year, it is essential to do some research before committing to a specific online casino.
  2. Second, the process for opting for the bonus should be as simple as possible.
  3. Finally, if the site offers casino birthday bonuses, these will tend to be available to all players. This negates the need to gain loyalty points.

Top online casinos will remember the player's birthday month after they first input the data onto the site. The reward will then be given out as promised automatically.

There are usually two options when it comes to withdrawals. Sometimes the casino allows players to withdraw the winnings that they have accumulated by utilizing their casino bonus. Alternatively, the funds will be transferred to other casino games. The latter option will likely be most appealing to players.

Quality customer support is essential. This is because players may need to get in touch with the support team to activate their birthday promotion or redeem casino bonus codes.

They may also wish to learn the specific terms and conditions that dictate how the casino bonus can be used. For example, some sites do not offer birthday bonuses unless the player specifically asks for them.

Sometimes the value of the offer will vary for different months. The best choice of site will be one that has a high value on the player's birthday. These values could be in a state of flux, further making it difficult to find the best promotion. The user may have to check the promotions tab of the site from time to time. They can then sign up when the bonus is at its most lucrative.

The best casino sites should also offer plenty of other casino bonuses, including a great welcome bonus, free spins, etc. Casino rewards birthday bonus is just one of the many perks, but we advise signing up at casinos that pack the greatest selection in general.

Best Birthday Bonus
Online Casino Birthday Bonus Strategy

Online Casino Birthday Bonus Strategy

Just like other casino promotions, players should have a strategy when using their birthday casino bonuses. The main aim is to entice players to continue playing their games.

But the reality is, that a casino, like any other business, must find ways of improving its ROI. So, players should know the best ways to win cash out of their offer. For instance, they can bet on their favorite game tables or spread their bets across various games.

Players should know the days that their birthday bonus will remain valid. Some casino platforms will allow players to use the bonus during that specific day, birthday week, or birthday month. If the reward expires, a player may not benefit from it.

There's a good feeling that comes when one feels appreciated. However, you get appreciated for doing something commendable. A birthday bonus is a way for the casino to appreciate players as their customers.

Players can take this chance to ensure casinos offer them the best offers. Online casino platforms will offer lucrative birthday bonuses to players who play for a long time with them. If a player becomes a loyal customer, the casino will notice them and offer them the best rewards.

Online Casino Birthday Bonus Strategy
Is the Birthday Bonus Worth It?

Is the Birthday Bonus Worth It?

Birthday promotions give players a chance to widen their experience in their chosen casino. Remember, players can treat this bonus as free cash in their online casino accounts. They can enjoy different casino tables, play slots, win and convert winnings into real cash.

Every online casino player has a chance to benefit from a bonus offer. If players become loyal customers of online casino sites, they can receive lucrative birthday bonuses.

In most cases, birthday bonuses come as a no deposit bonus. This means players don't need to deposit cash into their accounts to activate their bonus offer. Other online casino platforms will allow players to withdraw cash immediately after winning games, and players can treat such money as a boost to their bankroll.

The birthday bonus allows players to try freshly introduced gambling options to broaden their experience. The free bonus money won't hurt if lost when used to enjoy casino games. Instead, players might find new casino games that would end up being their best options in online casinos.

Gaining experience playing at the casino may come in handy when playing other games. Players can use some tricks and tactics acquired from playing with the birthday bonus to gamble on their favourite tables later on.

The good thing is a birthday bonus can remain in the player's account for a given period before expiring. This is a good strategy since most people would prefer to do other things to celebrate their birthdays.

The day may be filled with many activities, and players may forget to log in to their accounts. On the upside, the bonus won't expire that same day. Some online casino platforms may allow players to access their bonus offer after a few days, the whole of that birthday week or birthday month.

Is the Birthday Bonus Worth It?
Birthday Bonus Wagering Requirements

Birthday Bonus Wagering Requirements

This is one part where most players may get frustrated when using promotions, whether dealing with a welcome bonus, free spins or birthday gifts.

It's always imperative for players to understand wagering requirements before using their birthday bonus.

Wagering requirements mean the number of times a player should bet the offered money before withdrawing it. A casino may require players to play through the funds several times, while others may have no requirements.

The thing is, betting in a casino that has burdensome playthrough requirements increases the chances of losing the cash. For instance, a casino may require players to play the bonus funds 20X before withdrawing it.

If a casino has a wagering requirement of 20X, players can calculate the times they should bet to win the withdrawable amount.

One can multiply the birthday bonus offer by the wagering requirement to determine the total amount one can withdraw.

Let's say the casino offered a player a birthday bonus of $50. The wagering requirement here will be $50 X 20= $1000.

This means the player will play using the bonus amount until they reach a total of $1000. They can now withdraw their cash after meeting the requirement.

When joining a casino, players should understand what their wagering requirements are. If possible, players should join casinos with low wagering requirements. No one wants to bet on games so many times and end up losing everything.

No Wagering Requirements

If an online casino has no wagering requirements, it means that players can withdraw whatever they win from their casino offer immediately. Players don't have to bet several times to withdraw the funds - there are no strings attached, so it's truly a free gift, added to the account just to please you.

Several online casinos are offering no wagering conditions on the free birthday bonus offer. Players should take their time to look for such casinos to bet on their preferred new games. However, they should read the terms and conditions associated with the offers, as always. A free offer may not come without any restrictions, despite not having playthrough restrictions.

Online casinos may not have wagering requirements on bonuses but may provide other restrictions. For instance, a casino may only win a given maximum amount using the bonus offer. Others will have minimal withdrawals when players bet using the promotion.

Birthday Bonus Wagering Requirements
Free Birthday Bonus

Free Birthday Bonus

Some sites do give out these kinds of bonuses for free. All the player has to do is opt in and then log into the site on the day of their birthday.

On the other hand, most casinos require the player to join a VIP club. If this is the case, then there will tend to be fees. The user will have to decide for themselves if the numerous benefits are worth the price of admission.

A casino birthday bonus essentially allows people to spend free money and try some of their favorite games. While the funds cannot be withdrawn, they can be utilized to play some all-time favorite games such as roulette and blackjack, or even scratch cards and bingo.

The offer may be in the form of free spins for slot titles. The terms and conditions will inform the player of any wagering requirements or multiplier value accumulators that need to be met.

Free Birthday Bonus
Turn Birthday Bonuses into Real Money

Turn Birthday Bonuses into Real Money

While they can be a pleasant surprise, a birthday bonus does not offer the same long-term opportunities as other, more popular promotion types. Therefore if players wish to turn this gift from the casino into real funds, they need to use it reasonably swiftly. There may be a deadline before which the funds have to be utilized.

Some sites do give out the reward in the form of free money or free spins. This is usually reserved for people who regularly access the online casino. In these cases, it is a form of a VIP promotion. However, others may instead provide players with an additional free chip or betting tokens.

Regardless of the form that the promotion takes, it is up to the player to turn it into real-world money by winning games with it. A birthday gift bonus is excellent for increasing payroll and expanding playing options. If the player manages to get lucky on their special day, it will be all the more rewarding.

Turn Birthday Bonuses into Real Money
Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

If you find yourself or someone around is struggling with an addiction, please reach out to GamCare.

Gambling addictions can be hard to spot, so please make sure to always gamble responsibly.

Gambling Addiction


Everything you need to know about casinos

What casino gives you free play on your birthday?

Many Canadian online casinos offer special free perks on your birthday, but the offers are a complete surprise. However, CasinoRank has done some research for you, so you can use our casino listing to find the best casinos for a free gift on your birthday.

How to use a birthday bonus?

You can use a birthday bonus only on your birthday. The casino will most likely send you a message on your email if there's a birthday money unlocked for you. In that case, just follow the casino's guidelines to redeem and use your birthday rewards.

Are all birthday bonuses the same?

No, all birthday promotions are different, and the rewards depend on each unique offer. Casinos may offer many different birthday bonuses, and the exact terms depend on the casino - these bonuses are always a surprise.

How do you claim your online casino birthday bonus?

Since these work as an incentive to play the games and enter the casino, you claim the birthday bonus at the beginning when signing up or later on when it's your birthday, and the casino sends you the bonus.

Can you make money off birthday bonuses?

Bonuses are not meant for making money - bonuses are meant solely for entertainment. All bonuses have their own unique terms and conditions, which must get fulfilled if you want to withdraw the received offer later.

What are the terms and conditions of birthday bonuses?

All birthday bonuses have a unique set of terms and conditions, you will find the specific terms and conditions with each promotion - conditions are always written somewhere near the bonus offer.

What special birthday bonuses can I find here with OnlineCasinoRank?

There are a number of unique birthday bonuses to be found within CasinoRank. Search through our offerings for more information.

Are there any restrictions if I play with a birthday bonus?

Casinos have the full power to void your winnings if you play restricted games with a birthday bonus. It is very important that you read the terms and conditions before accepting it.

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