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Popular Online Poker Myths Debunked



Eddy Cheung

The online casino world is full of myths and illusions. While most are untrue, others hold a little water in them. Well, one such game surrounded by myths and stories is online poker. Unfortunately, the rumors surrounding this game are sometimes weird and ridiculous. So, this article will be putting all online poker myths and tales to rest to allow you to play without brakes.

Popular Online Poker Myths Debunked

Myth #1. Online Poker is Rigged

This is undoubtedly the most common myth you’ll encounter when playing any online casino game. However, this unfounded rumor is spread chiefly by poker players who understand little about the game’s math part. You should know that online poker games use RNG (Random Number Generator) to randomly select a card from the 52-card deck during a single hand. So no, online poker isn’t rigged.

Myth #2. Online Poker is a Game of Luck

As you may already know, winning while playing any casino game is primarily down to luck. But like blackjack, online poker hugely relies on strategy and skill to make a win. In poker, players usually take center stage by using techniques to influence the game’s outcome.

The main advantage of playing skill-based games is that the results only get better with time. Therefore, sharpen your online poker skills and enjoy positive results in the long run.

Myth #3. Only Math Wizards Can Win Playing Poker

When you play poker online, there is an assumption that one must be really good at math to win. While it’s true that you need some math skills to understand the game perfectly, you don’t need to be a professor at it. Just know the basics, such as the odds of hitting a flush or a straight with one or two subsequent cards.

You can also learn when to fold, raise, or call. All in all, you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to win online poker.

Myth #4. You Need to Read Your Opponents to Win

Some poker players believe that reading an opponent’s moves is an essential part of the game. While that’s partially true, it’s not a proven way to win. First, playing poker at online casinos deprives you of the privilege of reading your opponent’s face, body language, or even hear their voice. But the truth is that winning while playing online is 100% possible.

That’s because learning poker math and strategy can help you predict your opponent’s next moves even without seeing them physically.

Myth #5. Pro Poker Players Are Millionaires

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that all professional poker players live a glamorous lifestyle. But, surprisingly, that’s far from the truth. You see, all online and land-based casino players (including pros) experience a losing streak at some point in their career.

But what you don’t know is that some of these pros are ‘guns’ for hire. Usually, they are funded by wealthy persons with an agreement to keep only a tiny percentage of their wins. Also, pro online poker players gamble on multiple casino games. This keeps them afloat even during an unforgiving losing streak.

Myth #6. Men are Better Players than Women

Generally, the number of men playing poker is more than women. But that doesn’t mean men understand the game better than women. Today, many successful women poker players like Annette Obrestad, Annie Duke, and Venessa Selbst can put most professional men poker players to shame. Some of the names above have won online tournaments without even looking at their hole cards.


Overall, strange online poker superstitions are here to stay. So, the best way to debunk these myths is by playing the game yourself and coming to a firm conclusion. In the end, you’ll realize that poker is one of the most gambler-friendly casino games, only second to blackjack. Give it a try!

AUTHOREddy Cheung

I remember the first time I saw Kai Tak, Hong Kong's gambling city, I thought I was in a fairy tale. All the lights blinking, the music and the monumental buildings, what 9-year-old wouldn’t think they’ve come to a magical place? It was my father who brought me, dragging me along and when inside I was hit by the smell of frying duck. As soon as I hit 21 I returned to Kai Tak, A bit nervous to see if my mind had embellished the memory, but it hadn’t. Kai Tak was still a magical place. I decided I wanted to spend as much time as I could at this place, so I did. For the next coming years I lived and breathed Kai Tak. Now I am married with kids, and they have become a part of my life too. That’s why I started exploring online casinos to create a better work-life balance and I couldn’t be happier!

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