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Best 16 Football Betting Online in 2020 🏆 Highest Paying Online Casinos

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The Internet has transformed how the world does everything, gaming no less. Today, betting on sports, football included, has moved online in most of its aspects. People are able to place bets from the comfort of their homes using their computers or mobile devices and receive payouts through the same channels.Online betting has also made it possible for new players to get in on the football betting experience. These are people who could not access betting houses in the past for one reason or the other. This article looks at the various aspects of online betting to help punters have profitable betting sessions.

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Football Betting Online Casinos
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Football Betting Tips

To successfully bet on football, one needs to stay alive to the current happenings in the discipline. Sometimes historical factors come into play too, like how a certain tie has gone between two teams over the years. It is not mandatory that bettors know every single team and player by name; that would be impossible. However, a player should be able to understand the different competitions, teams, and players of interest. There are those players whose individual performances in offense or defense determine the overall performance of the teams they play in. Keeping tabs on such players' fitness, form and transfers can greatly help a punter make accurate predictions.

There a lot of statistics that one can look at when deciding the kind of bet to place. The current position of a team in the current season is a key factor. The overall team form and their run in the last five matches are usually considered to be trendsetters. If a team has been on a winning or losing streak, there is always the possibility of a turn in fortunes somewhere along the corner. In football, the head to head record is also a key factor. There are great teams that often find the going tough against what would be considered a small team- their bogey team.

How Odds Work

Betting is usually guided by odds. Odds are, basically, the chances that the bookmarker gives of a certain occurrence taking place. The odds are always more than one, for betting purposes. The odd is the number by which a punter's wager (the money they use to place a bet) is multiplied if the event they bet on occurs. If a player places a $1 bet on an occurrence with a 2.0 odd, for instance, they will receive a $2 payout if that event occurs as predicted. Bookmakers use various statistics to come up with different odds for a certain game.

Think of a game happening on Saturday for example. On the preceding Monday, a bookmaker may provide betting odds for that match based on current statistics. The team that is likely to win (low risk) receives a small odd while the underdog (high-risk) receives a higher odd. This is the origin of the saying 'odds stacked against them.' It means that the team has a lot to overcome to win. The odds may change within the week due to real-time happenings. E.g if a star player gets ruled out by injury, or if a game is moved to a different venue. People who had already placed bets are not affected by changes in odds.

Live Football Betting

Online football betting has been made even more exciting by live betting. This is a model that allows players to make predictions of actions that happen in a game when it is already underway. They could pick the winning teams or perhaps the player who is likely to score or get sent off next.

Also referred to as in-play betting, live football also allows players to cut their losses by cashing out their bets early on. If a player realizes that the prediction they made is not going to happen, they can withdraw a smaller portion of their bet rather than lose the entire amount at full time.

Free Football Betting

As betting sites become more and more competitive, they are looking for more methods to attract players. Novice punters can also sharpen their skills with free betting. This is a model that allows players to make bets without using money. There is no money won either; it is more of a practice session.

Practice play should, however, not be confused with free bets, which are loyalty gifts that houses give players with which money can be won. The playing for free is often available to new players after they sign up. They are often available for a limited period of time after which only real bets are accepted.

Betting With Real Money

Betting houses are in business and they always want players to bet with real money. They rely on many players placing football bets, so they end up with profits even if some players actually win. Online football betting requires players to create betting accounts and deposit money in them.

Different betting houses accept different deposit methods. Some use e-wallets, some are for bank transfers, others use mobile-money transfer while others use a combination of these. The same methods are usually used to pay out winnings. Most football betting sites pay out players winnings instantly after a game is concluded.

History of Football Betting

Betting on football has been around for almost as long as the sport has been around. In the early days, betting houses uses to pitch tents at the actual match venue or near it and have people come in physically to place bets and collect winnings.

The internet changed this by allowing people to bet online from the comfort of their homes. The presence of e-wallets and growth in the popularity of football among TV audiences were instrumental factors in making online football betting successful. Nowadays, there is little physical betting and most betting houses are shifting entirely online.


📌 What is Fotball Betting online?

  • Online football betting makes sports betting more accessible to busy people. It also reduces the costs associated with traditional sports betting, meaning higher rewards for the players.

  • 📌 Is Fotball Betting a game of luck?

  • Of course there is luck involved with football betting, it's a game where people do extremely well sometimes or extremely badly other times. Usually though, understanding the game and researching the players can really help improve your chances.

  • 📌 Where is Fotball Betting most popular?

  • Football betting is the most common form of sports betting in the world. It's particularly popular in China, Europe and South America.

  • 📌 Is Fotball Betting online rigged?

  • There are many football betting scandals with players fixing the match for money. However this is heavily scrutinised by both the public and gambling companies. As long as you bet with a licensed website your gamble should not be rigged.

  • 📌 Which is the most popular Fotball Betting online?

  • The most popular type of football bet is the Moneyline/Win bet. This is the simplest of all the bets and the easiest for beginner gamblers to understand.

  • 📌 Why are there so many different Fotball Betting versions offered online?

  • Football betting offers many different kinds of bets in order to keep it exciting for the gamblers. The different combination bets adds some strategy to the whole thing and allows participants to gamble as specifically or broadly as they'd like.

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