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Wagering Requirements and What New Players Need to Know


Wagering Requirements and What New Players Need to Know

Wagering requirements are the conditions that players need to meet in unlock their welcome bonuses. New players need to familiarise themselves with them.

What Online Gambling Sites Use to Win New Customers

The gambling market is competitive and gambling sites scramble for new customers. Likewise, online gambling has become more competitive which has prompted gambling sites to adopt clever marketing strategies in order to win new gamblers. Some of the tricks they use include generous sign up and welcome bonuses.

Generous sign up and welcome bonuses allow new gamblers to place free bets. They also give new players cash bonuses to open accounts with them. There are different ways this can be done. For example, they can match the first deposit with free cash, give them free bets or they can even give them free cash.

An Overview of Casino Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the conditions that players need to meet in order to get their bonuses and any winnings that come from it. Wagering requirements are basically known as the play through. It states the amount of money gamblers need to stake in order to activate their profits and bonuses.

For free bets and sports bonuses, wagering requirements are usually low which makes them easily met. In most cases, wagering requirements are found in the list of terms and conditions. This makes it important for new players to familiarise themselves with these in order to know how to get their bonuses and free bets.

How Wagering Requirements Work

Assuming that new players choose deposit bonuses which has granted then a welcome bonus of 50 percent up to 100 euros, the trick is in the words 'up to' which means it could be 100 euros or less. This means that if they deposit 50 euros they only get 25 euros bonus.

Wagering requirements is a one way of making new players stake more since they will keep depositing to get more bonuses. However, most people get more disappointed with welcome bonuses since they are not easy to come. However, it is good to read terms and conditions since they are outlined there.

Tiered Wagering Requirements

Some gambling sites offer tiered wagering requirements. This means that they offer staggered collection of payments which make it affordable for players as they pay in installments rather than the full amount. After the end of the payment, the player will have paid the same amount as the one who paid at once.

An example of the tiered wagering requirements is if a player needs to wager a total of 1000 euros within four months, they can pay 250 euros every month for the next four months and get their 500 euros bonus if the welcome bonus was 50 percent. This makes it easier than making the payment once.

Online Casino Gaming: More Popular Than Ever Before

2020-09-30Playing online casino is getting increasingly popular in the UK. Why is that? What is it that attracts so many players to this kind of leisure activity? And what are some of the most popular online casinos? Find out more about it, here in this article. A recent study, published by the BBC, indicates that online casino searches were at an 'all-time high' during the COVID-19 lockdown. It does make sense to a certain degree that people search for new kinds of leisure activities during harsh times. However, this is merely just the continuation of a longer trend of increased popularity for casinos.

History of Online Slots

2020-09-29The online slot machines that are popular nowadays among gamblers have a deep history. They were incepted in 1891 by the Brooklyn based Sittman and Pitt Company. However, it wasn’t until four years later that the gambling world was introduced to a mechanical slot machine, the Liberty Bell. Come 1964, and Bally Technologies developed the first electric slot machine. Yet, the history of slot machines was once re-written in 1975 with the advancement of microchip technology and the invention of video slots. Although this variant became extremely prevalent in land-based casinos, all changed with the arrival of virtual casinos.

Fundamental Poker Strategies

2020-09-28Newbie poker players usually struggle to make a decent profit consistently from their game. Others struggle to even break even after playing for a long time, which can be quite discouraging. The main reason behind that is usually the use of wrong strategies or failure to use any strategy. Experienced players are known for their mastery and use of effective poker strategies. The choice of strategy to use for any game depends on various factors, such as skill level of opponents and type of poker played. Some of the strategies that can make the difference between experienced players and beginners are highlighted below.
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