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Genesis Casino Has Added 6 Tokens of Gold



Ethan Tremblay

Genesis Casino has added a new game to their collection. The game is a slot game, and it’s named 6 Tokens of Gold.

Genesis Casino Has Added 6 Tokens of Gold

The game is created by Microgaming Studio. They are the creators of 9 Pots of Gold and 9 Masks of Fire. Some people who are familiar with the previous work of Microgaming Studio, especially both games mentioned above, think 6 Tokens of Gold will be another version of 9 pots of gold.

Although people are not to blame for thinking this, because the company has done such things in the past, they are completely wrong.

The game is totally different from any slot game Microgaming Studio has created before.

How to play

The gameplay of 6 Tokens of Gold is quite interactive. Here is how it works:

  • Once the game is loaded, the player will see a few buttons on the screen. They should click the one that’s at the bottom of the screen and has 9 dots.

In this section, they will find rules and pay tables. They can learn everything they want to know about the game here. Furthermore, users can change the sound and speed settings of the game.

  • Once the user has become familiar with the rules, they can decide how much they want to bet. The bets start from 0.10 coins and go all the way up to 100 coins.
  • The last step is to click the spin button and enjoy the game.


Hyper Hold Feature: This feature is truly amazing. The Hyper Hold triggers when a player gets at least 6 gold coin cash symbols on their screen.

The feature is amazing because it gives the user 3 respins and all the gold coin symbols get stuck on the slot. In addition, when a user gets 1 more gold coin it resets the respins and the new gold coin gets stuck as well.

What is the benefit of having more gold coin symbols on the screen? Once the player has filled all the slots with gold coin symbols, they receive Maxi Jackpot, which is worth 1,000x

This feature ends when the player has run out of spins or has hit the Maxi Jackpot.

Autoplay: For players who like to take things fast, there is a great option. There is a round icon beside the spin button called Autoplay. As the name suggests, Autoplay automatically does the spin after each turn is completed.

Scatter: Scatters are awesome. They give the users respins. To trigger the respins, the player must land scatter symbols on slots 1, 3, and 5.

Theme And Graphics

6 Tokens of Gold has taken inspiration from the classic fruit machines. Most of the traditional symbols of this theme, such as cherries and horseshoes, are present in 6 Tokens of Gold.

The theme is quite interactive and the graphics are of high quality as well.

AUTHOREthan Tremblay

Spending 13 years in the casino industry there are few things that I haven’t experienced. I remember my first day working at one of the many casinos by the Niagara falls, on the Canadian side. I knew very little about casino games, everything but Poker (I have always been a massive fan of poker), nowadays I played all the casino games at least a hundred times, but poker still is my favorite. Not only have I played at the casinos but these 13 years have also led me to work in most sections, anything from buzz boy, dealer and now editor-in-chief. What I love about working with casinos online is the international players. I realized that my casino experience has been limited to Canadians and a handful of Americans. Turns out there are millions of fantastic tactics and games out there! I am sure I haven’t heard of them all yet, but when I do I will make sure to write all about them for you.
Best gambling quote: “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots if you don’t take it.”
Favorite Casino Game: Poker

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