December 16, 2021

Online Slot Tournaments Beginners Guide

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Online slots have become commonplace at most gambling sites these days. These games are arguably the most straightforward to play, even for the greenest of players. But up until recently, playing at slot machines has always been a solo affair. That’s until online slot tournaments came along.

Online Slot Tournaments Beginners Guide

Slot tourneys give gamers a chance to meet up and play popular slot machine titles. What’s better, these tournaments come with big prizes for top-ranking players. So, this post takes a more comprehensive look at slot tournaments and where to play them.

How online slot tournaments work

Playing slots at the best online casinos couldn’t have come at a better time. As the world continues to struggle with post-Covid hangovers, slot machine fans can enjoy a real-life experience, thanks to slot competitions. These games allow players to interact and compete for the top prize. Usually, the player who amasses the highest points on the leaderboard carries the day.

That said, slot tournaments can either have an entry fee or be a free-for-all affair. Here’s the difference; paid tournaments require players to part with a small fee before playing. The rates range from $10 to a few hundred dollars. But to make up for the loss, most events offer higher payouts than free tournaments. That’s because they run for multiple days, attracting high rollers in the process.

It’s worth noting that gamers play with credits instead of real money in slot competitions. In addition, the rounds end after around 5 minutes. This means you should learn how to get the most out of the credits during the allocated timeframe. But don’t fret because some tournaments allow rebuys, where players can purchase more credits after depleting what they have.

Online slot tournament categories

Without dilly-dallying much, below are the main types of slot tourneys you’re likely to come across:

Freeroll slot tournaments: This is one of the most common slot tournaments offered at most gambling sites. As the name hints, there’s no entry fee to pay, making it accessible to budget players. And even more exciting is that there are multiple cash prizes to be won.

Sit n’ go tournaments: Sit n’ go is another slot you’re likely to play at popular online casinos like JackpotCity Casino. They usually run 24/7 with no specific starting time. However, these tournaments feature limited seats. Additionally, they don’t last that long, taking 10 minutes at most.

Buy-in tournaments: Buy-in tournaments make up a considerable percentage of all competitions offered at any online casino. They charge players a small fee to participate in the fun. Don’t worry, though, as the cost is usually less than $10. Also, the entry fee contributes to the overall prize pool. So, the more you pay, the bigger the prize to be won.

Reloader tournaments: This is somewhat an extension of buy-in tournaments. But in this version, gamers can buy themselves into additional rounds. This happens if you spend all your credits too early in the contest or you simply have a big enough bankroll.

Survivor slot tournaments: Are you a fan of the WWE Survivor Series? Then get the real experience by participating in this gut-wrenching tournament. The competition is conducted in multiple rounds, with low-ranking gamers getting eliminated. And to make it even more competitive, no add-ons or rebuys are allowed.

Online slot tournament strategy

With the online casino daggling a massive prize, any serious player wants to know how to win. But here is free advice; no cheat sheet can beat the system. That’s because winning at any slot machine is primarily down to luck. And the same logic applies when playing any other online casino game.

But with a few tweaks, you can increase your odds of amassing the highest points. First, make sure you use all credits during the allocated time. As mentioned earlier, most tournaments run for a short period, meaning every spin counts.

In addition to keeping your hands on the spin button, always ensure you wager the maximum limit. It’s an open secret that betting the maximum amount improves the player’s chances of scooping a big prize. And in return, big wins mean more points on the leaderboard.

Lastly and most importantly, practice makes perfect. The online gambling scene is filled with hundreds of free slot games to help sharpen your slot machine skills. They offer similar gameplay to real-money games. So, use these games to practice your speed and concentration with spending a coin.


You should have a clear understanding of online slot tournaments up to this juncture. The only remaining thing is finding a gambling site and funding it. But don’t just play at any casino. Make sure it’s licensed and regulated like the ones listed on this page. Time to get cracking!

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