Top 10 PayPal Online Casinos

When many people around the world consider online money transfers, they think of PayPal. The money transfer giant has been in the market for over 20 years, having first opened shop in 1998. It started its operations in the US and has spread to every continent in the world.

The reliability of PayPal has been a blessing for online casinos in Canada. With online gaming taking giant leaps in the last decade, PayPal has allowed players to enjoy hassle-free transactions. This page focuses on Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal as a means of withdrawal or depositing. These are established casinos that every player can trust.

Top 10 PayPal Online Casinos
What is PayPal?

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an electronic financial system that simplifies payments between multiple parties online. The payment system is easy to set up. It has top-level fraud and seller protection tools, giving users the confidence that their accounts are safe and secure.

More than 30 million merchants are currently using PayPal to speed up their online payments across the globe, including online casinos. Whether a company or an individual is selling through their website or using a marketplace, PayPal eases online transactions. And, when it comes to making payments to another PayPal account holder or merchants, PayPal makes online payments extremely easy.

What is PayPal?
How PayPal Works

How PayPal Works

The rise of diverse payment options has put an end to transaction issues online. People can now accept electronic payments of different types and pay for products and services without the fear of online theft. Online casinos and slot players are not left behind in the excitement of the thriving payment systems as gamblers also have better depositing and withdrawing options. PayPal is one of such payment solutions trusted by millions of users worldwide.

PayPal provides individuals and organizations groundbreaking payment solutions that are simple, fast, and secure.

Individual Account

An individual can create an account on the platform to transfer money, make payments, and shop online. Signing up for an account requires an email address and adding a debit card, credit card, or bank account to complete the setup. PayPal verifies all information provided during registrations to ensure the person registering is the lawful owner before using the account.

Account-holders can use PayPal mobile app or the company's website to transfer money to other people through their email addresses. Consumers can complete their online purchases by selecting the PayPal option if available with the retailer. Transactions with PayPal usually complete within a few minutes.

Business Account

Businesses can also hold PayPal accounts to process their daily payments. This includes payment portals for business management solutions, online and in-person transactions, and financing and credit options. Business owners also need an email account to create an account.

How PayPal Works
History of PayPal

History of PayPal

In December 1998, PayPal was launched as “Confinity” by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin after their earlier meeting at Stanford University, where Thiel gave a speech on Global Market Opportunities. The development was based on their preconceived idea of digital wallets.

In January 2000, Confinity offered eBay its payment services, giving Confinity a notable boost in its user base. It later merged with an online banking firm known as and officially named PayPal in 2001. PayPal became so popular that eBay acquired it as its official transfer service in 2002. And in 2015, PayPal stood out as an independent company.

Today, PayPal has over 390 million active users in more than 200 markets around the globe and operates in over 100 different currencies. Its headquarters are located in San Jose, California, United States. Other co-founders are Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, and Yu Pan. Some of its subsidiaries include Venmo, Tradera, Zettle, Xoom Corporation, Braintree, Honey, and Jetlore Inc.

History of PayPal
How to Withdraw Online Casino Winnings with PayPal

How to Withdraw Online Casino Winnings with PayPal

One of the biggest challenges most gamblers face at online casinos is how to withdraw their winnings. Most virtual withdrawal systems usually promise to offer players’ winnings in real money but end up making them spend it buying stuff online. However, the birth of PayPal finally solves this problem!

PayPal offers gamblers flexible withdrawals of their winnings at online casinos in Canada. Gamblers around the world can easily withdraw money from their casino account into their PayPal account. Then cash it out through linked bank accounts or credit cards in real money. Therefore, players can now flex their muscles in the gambling game, knowing they have PayPal as their backbone for withdrawing online casino winnings.

For players to withdraw their online casino winnings into their PayPal account, they need to first login into the casino account where the winning takes place. Then head over to the Cashier section of the website and select PayPal from the withdrawal options.

After that, they need to enter the amount they want to cash out and the PayPal email address at the receiving end. The funds will appear immediately in the preferred PayPal account and users can turn it into real money anytime soon.

Note: When using PayPal to receive funds, the first and last names of the user on the casino account must correspond with the names on the PayPal account.

How to Withdraw Online Casino Winnings with PayPal
Online Casinos Accepting PayPal

Online Casinos Accepting PayPal

Some players desire to play with real money and cash out their online casino winnings. They should check out the following online casinos accepting PayPal as a withdrawal option: 888 Casino, Kassu, Pelaa, Casoola, PlayToro, 10bet, AHTI Games, Spela Casino, VBET, Slots Heaven, Mansion, Betsson, and Vegas Hero.

Online Casinos Accepting PayPal
PayPal Pros and Cons

PayPal Pros and Cons

Canadian Casino players who choose PayPal should be aware of what they will benefit, and the drawbacks of using the service. Check out the following pros and cons of the PayPal payment system.


  • Works internationally and is widely accepted.
  • It is easy to set up and use. It provides an easy way of funding online casino accounts.
  • Funding casino accounts is free.
  • It combines online purchases and peer-to-peer activity.
  • It helps merchants accept money for goods and services.
  • PayPal encrypts users' credit card and bank details, keeping their information secure.
  • Quick withdrawals.
  • PayPal transactions offer fraud protection and an extra level of security. If a transaction ends up being fraudulent, PayPal can get the money back.


PayPal is not legal everywhere, however, the range of countries where PayPal is available is quite vast.

PayPal Pros and Cons
Is PayPal Safe to Use?

Is PayPal Safe to Use?

PayPal is generally safe for gamblers, and using its security protocols like two-factor verification makes it safer. Using PayPal to fund an online casino account is safe because PayPal withholds sensitive financial information of the sender, like bank account numbers and credit card details.

PayPal Purchase Protection is a PayPal service that covers any website payer if a problem arises. PayPal also arranges for a full refund if the deposited funds do not arrive in the casino player’s account within the specified time. It offers other programs that protect individuals and companies selling products and services on its website.

PayPal ensures its users are not scammed by protecting their data before fraud artists or data hackers attack. It uses data servers that continuously scan users' browsers to confirm they are using up-to-date data encryption technology. Also, it ensures that gamblers' data are stored on a server that is not connected to the internet.

PayPal takes its digital data defense system so seriously that it offers financial compensations to computer security experts who discover any flaws, breaches, and vulnerabilities on it.

Is PayPal Safe to Use?
Tips for Securing PayPal Accounts

Tips for Securing PayPal Accounts

Casino players should watch out for the following to protect their accounts on PayPal.

  1. Enable Two-factor Authentication: By default, two-factor authentication is disabled, enabling it ensures a user’s account is protected.

  2. Link Credit Cards: While both debit cards and bank accounts are great for adding money to PayPal, linking a credit card provides an extra level of security. It can dispute fraudulent charges and prevent hackers from using PayPal's auto-withdrawal feature.

  3. Update Device and Software: Players should ensure their device, whether mobile or PC, and the corresponding software are up to date.

  4. Don't Connect on Public Wi-Fi: It may be unsafe to use PayPal with public Wi-Fi. Avoid it, even when on a dedicated device and software.

Tips for Securing PayPal Accounts
PayPal Vs. Traditional Banks

PayPal Vs. Traditional Banks

Business owners looking to complete their transactions with ease may be considering PayPal over a conventional bank account. For gamblers looking for the best way to deposit funds at online casinos, it can be challenging to choose between PayPal and a bank account.

The decision between these two financial systems is for individuals to make. However, a few things need to be considered when choosing between PayPal and a traditional bank - purpose, ease of use, and security.

While one payment solution may suit more purposes than others, accessibility and security can give others an upper hand. As such, whether a business owner or a casino player chooses to use PayPal or a bank account, these three considerations will help them make the right decision.

However, considering PayPal’s flexibility, ease of use without revealing gambler’s information to third parties, and a wide array of support, players who choose to complete their online casino payments with it are not making a mistake.

PayPal Vs. Traditional Banks
PayPal Customer Support Options

PayPal Customer Support Options

When PayPal users have issues, the payment system offers various ways to help resolve their issues.. Whatever the challenge, PayPal has got everyone covered.

Here are the best ways to reach the support team at PayPal and get issues resolved immediately.

Help Center

PayPal Help Center focuses on common issues and has resources to help users solve their problems immediately. Some topics on the help center page include:

  • Password and account access: Whether unknown charges occur or users have password issues, these resources will help account holders unlock their accounts.

  • Payments: This section deals with account balance, refunds, and withheld and declined funds. All materials here are tailored to payments.

  • Account profile and set up: When there are issues with an email address, phone number, credit or debit cards, or bank accounts, the resources in this section cover it all.

  • Disputes and account limitations: When a consumer has a payment dispute, limitations, or chargeback, the sufficient resources on this page will proffer immediate assistance.

Ask the Community

The PayPal community usually has more than a thousand members online at a time. These people comprise PayPal officials and users with experience on the platform. Asking questions in the community can help individuals get the right solutions to their problems.

Resolution Center

This section of the page helps users connect with the customer support team through email. Users can use email to describe their experience on the platform and wait for one of the team members to reply.


PayPal also offers the option to call its customer representative agents available 24/7 to proffer solutions to any difficulty account holders may have.

It is recommended for users to first check the available resources at the help center. Then, they can proceed to try other ways of reaching the customer support team at PayPal.

PayPal Customer Support Options
PayPal Cost for Money Transfers

PayPal Cost for Money Transfers

PayPal does not charge any fee for purchases but has other fees which depend on the service type. It allows free international transfers from one PayPal account to another. PayPal is therefore a competitive force when it comes to international transfers in U.S. currency.

However, when a country receives a foreign currency, PayPal's fee becomes similar to that of a traditional bank. PayPal claims it charges 2.90% + 30 cents processing fee, which is equivalent to $3.20 on every $100 transaction.

For merchants selling goods and services online, PayPal charges a standard fee between 2.70% and 3.20% + 30 cents flat rate on a $100 transfer. Transferring money from a PayPal account to the same user's bank account is free. But a credit card transfer attracts a 2.90% + 30 cents processing fee.

PayPal Cost for Money Transfers
How We Rate Banking Systems

How We Rate Banking Systems

Online gambling involves real money, and every aspect of the game needs consideration. The aim of CasinoRank is not just about reviewing the best casinos out there but ensuring that players also have access to the best payment methods.

All banking options on this platform have been thoroughly vetted based on CasinoRank and players' experience. Each review is based on the following standards:

Valid SSL Encryption

When it comes to banking online, data protection is paramount. All banking systems accepted by online casinos should have a valid SSL encryption certificate on their websites.

With encryption, data exchange on PayPal and other casino banks will not be at risk of being stolen by hackers. Encrypted banking websites carry "HTTPS" or a green padlock sign that depicts that users' data are protected.


Banks should be easily accessible to casino players. As such, CasinoRank evaluates all banking systems to ensure they are available for use whenever players need them most.


Banking systems serving online casinos must have prompt customer support service. People go online every 24 hours to bet. And as such, online banks must have quality support that is available round the clock.

Also, they need to have diverse contact options, just like PayPal that hosts tons of vital resources and avenues for players to contact the support system directly.


Payment systems that are not popular rarely last in the banking industry, and players may lose their funds to such institutions. Therefore, our team ensures it brings industry-standard banking systems that are popular and reliable amidst casino programs online.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of users is essential when choosing a banking system for online casinos. Users want to be confident they are safe with their details while banking online. They want a payment system they can rely on with their cards linked or funds in their wallet.

We has considered all these when bringing banking methods to the table. With PayPal, online gamblers have nothing to fear. All banking methods on this website are durable and reliable, serving users in decades to come.

How We Rate Banking Systems

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The quality of your time spent at an online casino can be greatly affected by the payment method you choose. Both PayPal and Skrill, two of the most commonly used e-Wallets, promise fast, simple, and safe payments to enjoy top online casino games.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is PayPal, and how does it work for online casinos?

PayPal is a popular online payment solution that allows you to make secure transactions online. It is a popular e-wallet supported by many online casinos. PayPal offers a fast and convenient payment option for online casino players.

What are the benefits of using PayPal at online casinos?

There are several benefits of using PayPal at online casinos. They include security, wide acceptance, convenience, exclusive bonuses and promotions, mobile compatibility, and speed.

Are there any fees associated with using PayPal at online casinos?

Yes. PayPal charges fees for transactions, while deposits and withdrawals are typically free in most online casinos. Check the casino policies first to confirm if it charges fees for using PayPal as a payment option.

How do I create a PayPal account, and how do I link it to my online casino account?

To create a PayPal account, visit the official website and click Sign Up. Follow the simple registration instructions and verify your account by linking to your bank account or credit card. You will need to provide proof of identity and address when signing up. To link to your casino account, go to the cashier section and add PayPal as your preferred payment option.

Can I use PayPal to make both deposits and withdrawals at online casinos?

Yes. PayPal allows you to deposit funds and withdraw winnings at online casinos. Sign up at a PayPal online casino and set PayPal as your preferred payment method.

How long does it take for PayPal transactions to process at online casinos?

Suppose an online casino accepts PayPal as a payment method. In that case, your online casino paypal deposits are instant, while withdrawals are processed within 48 hours. The processing time might vary depending on the online casino and country of residence.

Are PayPal online casinos available in all countries?

No. PayPal online casinos are not available in all countries. PayPal sets restrictions in some countries due to legal and regulatory issues.

What should I do if I have issues with my PayPal account or transactions at online casinos?

Suppose you encounter any challenges with your PayPal account or transactions. In that case, contacting the online casino customer support team for assistance resolving the issue is recommended. If the problem is on your PayPal account side, contact the PayPal support team.

Are there any restrictions on using PayPal at online casinos?

Yes. Gambling is illegal in some countries; hence PayPal might be unavailable as a payment option. Also, some online casinos do not support PayPal payment services.

Can I still claim casino bonuses and promotions when using PayPal as a payment method?

If your casino accepts PayPal as a payment method, you can claim exclusive casino bonuses and promotions. They include welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, reload bonuses, and VIP programs.

Can you play online blackjack with PayPal?

Yes, many online casinos offer PayPal as a payment method for playing games like online blackjack. However, availability might vary based on the casino's region and licensing. Always ensure the online casino is reputable and check their payment options before making a deposit.

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