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22Bet Casino is a trusted casino that takes care of their clients. All communication between you and the casino is encrypted by using 256 Bit SSL encryption. Thanks to this system all your information is protected.

The casino has GoDaddy SSL Certificate and they also have an excellent fraud team and advanced systems that detect and prevent suspicious illegal activity.

Whenever you believe that your account was compromised, for instance you have noticed unusual changes to your balance you should immediately contact customer support and let them know.

How can you protect your data?

How can you protect your data?

There are a couple of steps you can take to protect your account yourself:

  • Never share your account – You are the only person that should use your account. You shouldn’t allow anyone to login to your account and play on your behalf, and vice versa. We would like to remind you that sharing your account is strictly forbidden as described in the casino regulations.

  • Protect your password – You should use a unique password for your account. Try to create a password that is difficult to guess by avoiding your name and date of birth for instance.

  • Use strong passwords – Strong passwords are those that are a combination of different types of characters. Make sure that your password is as random as possible, but something that you will easily remember.

  • Change passwords regularly – Every time you believe that your password has been compromised you should change it.

  • Keep your login information to yourself – You should never share your password with anyone. Keep that information for yourself only and even if you receive an email that asks you for your password don’t. Remember the casino will never ask you to share your password with them.

  • Don’t write down your password – If you write down your password there is a great chance that someone will find it and misuse your information.

  • Always lock your computer or mobile device – You should never leave your device unattended especially if you are logged into your account. You never know who will end up with your data and the way they will use it.

  • Use different passwords for each account – People tend to use the same password for almost every account they have. That is not so safe, since you should use a different password for each account you have.

  • Don’t save your password in your browser – If more than one person uses your device, then it is not a good idea to save your passwords. Worst case scenario, what if your laptop or mobile gets stolen, they can easily access your accounts.

  • Your anti-virus software should be up-to-date – You should avoid clicking on suspicious email links or websites. Keep your antivirus updated and run occasional scans for spyware.

  • Don’t login to your account on public Wi-Fi – If you can you should avoid logging in to your account in libraries, cafes and other public places.

  • Avoid transactions on public Wi-Fi – When you use public hotspots they might be compromised so it can be easy for other users to intercept your data so you should be careful about the information you send while connected.

  • Secure your Wi-FI network – You should always secure your wireless network with password at home and at work as well. This way unauthorized individuals can't hijack your network and use your data.

Audit / RNG

The game results at 22Bet Casino are produced by a random number generator or better known as RNG. This assures complete fairness and there is no involvement from third parties.

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